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Disruptive Tech Trends_Redefining Human Resources report cover white with teal lettering

Disruptive Trends Redefining Human Resources sets up HR professionals for technology success. This report gives professionals looking for proficiency in merging social media with employee engagement detailed thought leadership on the why companies have to embrace the concept, step-by-step processes, and real-life, successful examples. Learn more

Transformation of Talent Management Cover in Orange

The HR Exchange Network Executive Report will identify what solutions are being invested in, what the gaps are and how Talent Professionals can adjust to the customer-centric thinking and build a cohesive strategy that will align with the company needs. We'll present data and buying priorities from CTOs from F1000 companies and survey our audience to find out how companies are using technology to attract, hire, develop and engage employees. Learn more

Developing a Culture of Innovation cover green

Developing a Culture of Innovation sets the tone for HR professionals and their journey to a new innovative workplace for their multi-generational workforce. The piece discusses and gives examples of ways to make employees live, breathe, and sleep as innovative workers, as well as key strategies for making your office atmosphere stir innovation. The piece also takes a hard look at the components needed to spur innovation with a the ever changing workforce such as engagement, rewards, diversity, and technology. Learn more

Disruptive Tech Transformation

A quote from J.R.R. Tolkien sums up the journey Human Resources professionals and their companies have taken in an attempt to transition from an analog world to a digital one. Learn more

Embrace the Tech Disruption HR Report

HR professionals must embrace the tech disruption of their departments in order to retain the edge in human resources. Learn more

Cover for the 2017 Learning Ecosystem E Book

Want to know how to optimize your learning ecosystem? This e-book will show you how corporate leaders like IBM are using cutting edge L & D strategies to develop more compelling learning experiences. Learn more

E-book detailing consumerization trends in human resources

How can HR create truly exceptional customer experiences? This e-book outlines the latest trends and proven strategies that are guiding the consumerization of HR. Learn more


Brand new content in this year's exclusive 2016 Industry E-Book. What's inside? Citigroup Interview: Design, Build & Evolve the HRSS Model, 5 Hot HR Strategy Trends of 2016, ScottMadden: HR Shared Services Benchmarking Results. Learn more

Get a visual overview of the September edition of Talent Management Exchange. See why your employees will thank you for attending. Learn more

You're a busy Learning and Development Executive and don't have time to a read a huge brochure on why you should attend this event. In this document, the Chief Learning Officer Exchange is presented in a simple manner - with very little to read. Learn more

12 report results
of 2