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Create a strategy with multiple touchpoints

HR Exchange Network is one of the world’s largest and fastest communities of Human Resources Professionals. The HR Exchange Network is a unique platform to connect, learn and interact with Human Resources Professionals across multiple platforms ensuring effective and efficient engagement with your target audience.


200,000+ community outreach

HR Exchange Network_logo1 70,000+ active members
HREN_linkedin100,000+ members
HREN_twitter new 43,300+ followers
HREN_fb 10,000+ likes


LEAD GENERATION: Capture and nurture leads all year round to grow your pipeline and brand strength.

BRAND AWARENESS:  Significantly raise your brand profile and awareness by placing your message in front of our audience, utilizing a multichannel marketing campaign.

ENGAGE AND EDUCATE: Educate your target audience on a regular basis to raise your credibility, and to ensure all prospective clients are aware of your company’s solutions and successes.

CONTENT SYNDICATION: Place valuable content among prospective senior executives, strategically targeting your chosen market by industry or geography.

• Connect with buyers and sellers to foster new business relationships
• Optimize your messages for desired results
• Build relationships with companies who do not currently use your services

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